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Whooping Crane Bird Call iPhone Ringtone

There are 15 species of cranes that live across the world, but the rarest crane lives in North Am..

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Apple iTunes


iPhone Nature Sounds and Ringtones

Download cool iPhone animal ringtones and bird ringtones from Wildtones featuring real wildlife sounds from a wide variety of animals, birds and even reptiles! Our unique collection of professionally recorded animal ringtones like our song bird ringtones, ellk bugling ringtone and turkey gobble ringtone makes other iPhone ringtones sound tame. Liven up your iPhone today with these wild animal ringtones from Wildtones. 

 To use our sounds as ringtones, ringtone ID's, alerts or alarm sounds, listen to them on our site and then you can buy our most popular bird and animal calls for your iPhone right from your phone!

Just click this iTunes logo from your iPhone.

Then, search for WILDTONES in iTunes on your iPhone.  Scroll down to the RINGTONES list where you can choose from dozens of our most popular ringtones, alarms and alerts already pre-formatted as ringtones for your iPhone for just $1.29. Elk bugling, turkeys gobbling, geese. wolves, donkeys, ducks, bird songs and bird calls and more....all ready to go! 

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Acorn Woodpecker Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
Acorn Woodpecker Bi..
American Black Duck Bird Call Ringtone
American Black Duck..
American Coot Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
American Coot Bird ..
American Crow Ringtone for iPhone
American Crow Ringt..
American Goldfinch Bird Song Ringtone
American Goldfinch ..
American Kestrel Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
American Kestrel Bi..
American Oystercatcher Whistle Bird Call Ringtone
American Oystercatc..
American Robin iPhone Ringtone
American Robin iPho..
American Woodcock Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
American Woodcock B..
Bald Eagle Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
Bald Eagle Bird Cal..
Baltimore Oriole Bird Song iPhone Ringtone
Baltimore Oriole Bi..
Barred Owl Hoot iPhone Ringtone
Barred Owl Hoot iPh..
Black-capped Chickadee Call iPhone Ringtone
Black-capped Chicka..
Blue Jay Bird Call Ringtone
Blue Jay Bird Call ..
Bobolink Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
Bobolink Bird Call ..
Broad-winged Hawk Bird Call iPhone Alert
Broad-winged Hawk B..
Brown Thrasher Song iPhone Ringtone
Brown Thrasher Song..
Brown-headed Cowbird Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
Brown-headed Cowbir..
Bull Elk Bugle iPhone Ringtone
Bull Elk Bugle iPho..
Bull Elk Call iPhone Ringtone
Bull Elk Call iPhon..
Bull Elk Call iPhone Ringtone
Bull Elk Call iPhon..
Burrowing Owl Bird Call iPhone Ringtone
Burrowing Owl Bird ..
Canada Goose Call iPhone Ringtone
Canada Goose Call i..
Canada Goose iPhone Ringtone
Canada Goose iPhone..

What Our Customers Say

We know the iPhone can be a little complicated sometimes, so we are here to help you with your questions about our ringtones and apps.  Our customers tell us we have ...


I did try to figure it out on the Apple site first, but got nowhere, so after 1/2 hour I e-mailed you guys. The procedure you recommended worked great...Thanks again! - Gary B.

I contacted Wildtones support. I am VERY HAPPY to let all know that they got back to me with in 24 hours and told me to reboot the iPod as that will often fix issues like I was having. After doing so, the application works perfect and my grand daughter and I had a great time listening to and learning about birds this past weekend. Bravo for great customer service and a wonderful application.
- Karl S.






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