Hermit Thrush Bird Call iPhone Ringtone

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What this plain brown bird with a spotted breast lacks in flashy looks, he makes up for with a haunting and ethereal song. Found across North America in a wide variety of habitats, Hermit Thrushes breed in Canada and the western US, and overwinter in the US and Mexico. Depending on where they live, these birds might build their tidy round nests lined with catkins or other soft materials on the ground or in shrubs. And aren’t we lucky to have insectivores like these thrushes who feast on insects like beetles, spiders, wasps and flies! Always a welcome visitor, Hermit Thrushes might visit your backyard, but it won’t be at your feeder. They are looking for insects and berries, so planting native plants that offer fruits to these migrating birds will help attract them to your yard, and you may hear this beautiful song.