About Wildtones

At Wildtones we are serious about bird and wildlife conservation and research.  We hope that our streaming sounds and the bird and wildlife calls on your phone are a reminder of what the natural world means to you, and prompts you to take action to ensure we continue to have the inspiring songs and calls of nature as part of our lives.  And, we also encourage you to get outside and take someone – especially children and young people –  with you!  Seeing birds and wildlife firsthand can be a transformative experience.

Deborah Rivel is the founder and owner of Wildtones. She is an award-winning independent wildlife film producer/director who has been interested in birds and wildlife, and their conservation most of her life. Since 2004, she has been creating nature-focused products, including the first Peterson Field Guides apps for iPhone, streaming nature sounds, and ringtones for mobile devices via her company Wildtones.com. In 2016 she co-authored and provided the photographs for “Birdwatching in New York City and on Long Island” for UPNE.  In 2020 she created and still leads the Strathmere Piping Plover Project, an all-volunteer organization that works with DEP/NJFWS to protect, monitor and educate the public about these highly endangered, beach-nesting birds.

Raised in New Jersey, she is a longtime resident of NYC and also near birding hotspot, Cape May, New Jersey.  Deb is active on a number of non-profit boards including Friends of BirdLife International;  Audubon New York; BirdNote; (which produces educational radio programming and podcasts about birds); and The Alex Foundation (the longest-running research body focused on avian intelligence). She also serves on the BirdLife Advisory Group. An avid bird photographer who regularly explores the wilds of NYC and the New Jersey beaches for subjects, she has traveled to six continents in search of birds.

Wildtones and Birdtones are both marks of  Wildsight Productions, Inc.