iPhone Ringtone FAQ Page

Thanks for your interest in our iPhone ringtones, alerts and alarms, sound tracks for Android ringtones and our nature sound albums! We have dozens of the most popular bird and animal calls made especially for your iPhone.  They are $1.29 each and once purchased will automatically show up in your iPhone’s “sounds” section so you can assign them as ringtones, alarms or alerts.  There are no additional charges, and you own them so do not need to purchase them again when you get a new iPhone.  They will not, however, work on any other smartphone or device other than Apple products.

You can only purchase these pre-formatted ringtones when you are on your iPhone. If you are having any problems downloading or have questions about buying or creating ringtones, please check our FAQ’s below. If you still don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us at support@wildtones.com.

Please use our sounds responsibly!  They are extremely high quality sounds and can be disruptive to birds and wildlife if misused.  We recommend following the Code of Ethics by the American Birding Association.

How do I get your iPhone ringtones on my iphone?

There are a few ways to get our iPhone ringtones on your phone, but they all involve making the purchase from the iPhone you want the ringtones on.

The easiest way, if you are on our site using your iPhone or iPad, is to find the ringtone you want and click the “Buy” button.  The link will take you directly to the ringtone in iTunes where you can purchase it with your iTunes account. Once you have accepted the purchase, check your “Sounds” folder and your new ringtone should be there waiting for you to assign it as a ringtone, alert or alarm on your iPhone.

If you are on your computer or another device, you can browse our catalogue and make the choices for the ringtones you want to purchase.  However, in order to buy them and get them on your iPhone, you will need to go to the iTunes store on your iPhone and search for “wildtones” and the name of the ringtone you want, or just a keyword from that ringtone, i.e. for a Black-capped chickadee, search for “wildtones chickadee”.  The search should take you to the sound you are looking for.  If there is more than one option, make sure you purchase the one under the “Ringtones” category.  This one will be cost $1.29 and will be pre-formatted for your iPhone.  Any other sound of ours that appears in that search will be a sound track from one of our albums and will need to be formatted to be used as a ringtone.

If you want to browse for our ringtones in iTunes on your iPhone or iPad, enter “wildtones” in the search and you will get a partial list of our available ringtones.  Adding specific keywords like “wildtones bird” or wildtones animal” will enable you to view more of the list.  Then follow the steps above to purchase.

This is the icon for the iTunes store which will appear on your phone.

Can I download your iPhone ringtones from my computer?  

No.  You need to access iTunes from the iPhone you want the ringtone on.

Will they work on an Android or other smartphone?

No.  Ringtones which are formatted for iPhone will not work on any device other than an Apple device.

Where will they be on my iPhone after I purchase them?

Once you complete the purchase in iTunes, your new ringtones will automatically appear in the “Sounds” folder on your iPhone so you can easily assign them as ringtones, alerts or alarms.

Why are iPhone ringtones sold separately from Android ringtones?

iPhone and Android are different platforms and require ringtones formatted differently.  Additionally, the only way to get ringtones on your iPhone that are pre-formatted for iPhone is to buy them from iTunes when you access iTunes from your iPhone.

If that’s true, why can I buy your iPhone ringtones from your website?

Our iPhone ringtones are pre-formatted for iPhones and are sold in iTunes.  When you click the “Buy” button for a ringtone, if you are doing it from your iPhone, the link will take you directly to that ringtone in iTunes where you can purchase it. If you are not on an iPhone, you will not be able to purchase the ringtone.

Why doesn’t the Buy button work when I try to buy the iPhone ringtone?

If you are on your computer or any other device other than your iPhone or iPad, the buy button will not work as you need to be on your iPhone or iPad in order to purchase iPhone ringtones.

Why do I need to be using my iPhone to buy a ringtone from your site?  

The only way to purchase a pre-formatted iPhone ringtone is to buy it from iTunes.  But you must get to iTunes from the iPhone device you want the ringtone on.  It is not possible to purchase one of these ringtones without accessing iTunes from an iPhone.

What is a pre-formatted ringtone?  

Ringtones which are already formatted to be used on an iPhone or iPad as a ringtone, alert or alarm, when purchased from your iPhone on iTunes, will automatically appear in the iPhone “sounds” folder.  No further work is required on your part other than choosing how to assign the ringtone on your iPhone.

I just got a new iPhone.  Will I need to buy the ringtone from you again?

No.  Once you purchase one of our iPhone ringtones from iTunes, it’s yours to use on any iPhone you have going forward.

Will your iPhone ringtones work on other phones?

No. the pre-formatted iPhone ringtones we sell will only play on iPhones and iPads.

Are all your iPhone ringtones able to be used as ringtones, alerts and alarms?

Yes. All the ringtones in the iPhone ringtones catalogue, when purchased, will automatically be sent to the “Sounds” folder on your iPhone where you can assign them as ringtones, alerts or alarms.  

What if I don’t see the bird or animal call I want?

If you don’t see exactly the sound you are looking for, let us know!  You can contact us at support@wildtones.com and tell us exactly what you are looking for.  We create new ringtones regularly, and if there is something special you want, please tell us!  We cannot make any guarantees that we will be able to offer it, but many of our most popular ringtones were special requests from our customers.  So, don’t be shy — let us know what we are missing!

How can I keep up to date with new products and birding information?

If you want to know more about our products and new releases, please sign up for our newsletter on our home page, or contact us at support@wildtones.com and ask us to sign you up!

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