Pig Oinking iPhone Ringtone

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One of the smartest creatures in the barnyard is the pig. Thought to have an intelligence level of that of a 3 year old human child, pigs are smarter than dogs while just as friendly and affectionate. When allowed to live a natural life, they will hang out and play with other pigs, have strong friendships with them, make beds, lounge in the sun and protect each other. Some people think pigs are dirty, but this is not true. They are often found in the mud which they use like a spa to keep cool!. Mother pigs and their little piglets have a very strong bond, and in nature she is very choosy about where to build the nest for birthing or farrowing her piglets. Sadly, in factory farms pigs are not allowed to do any of these things. So, if you want to eat pigs, you might want to check out your local farmer who raises pigs in natural conditions so they can have some time to be pigs.