Northern Hawk Owl Bird Call iPhone Ringtone

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These denizens of boreal forests from North America to Europe and Russia are appropriately named hawk owls as they are owls who look and behave a lot like hawks. Rodents comprise most of this owl’s dinners, and they can be found hunting rodents at any time day or night. One of the most unusual things about Northern Hawk Owls is that they have extremely good eyesight, and are able to visually find their prey up to a half mile away! This also makes them easier to see than other owls as they may be found during the day perched on top of tall trees searching for food. They also have good hearing and can pounce on rodents under snow. Like the Snowy Owl, Northern Hawk Owls will fly south in search of food in irruptions. This is a very unique owl with a distinctive call.