Donkey Braying iPhone Ringtone

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One of the best ways to tell the difference between donkeys and horses are by their ears – donkeys are the ones with the really big ears. For thousands of years, Donkeys have been kept and used by people for a lot of things. But, unlike horses, donkeys seem to have their own minds and prefer to so what is best for the donkey. Sometimes, this is not what the human wants, and so there is often a standoff. Donkeys are also great guard animals and, will develop a strong bond with them so that one donkey can protect an entire herd of sheep or goats on his own. Donkeys are also terrific companion animals to other animals. Since they are very friendly, they will encourage the animals they are with to be the same. Young foals (baby horses) are sometimes given a donkey as a companion to make it easier for them when they are separated from their mother. This is good for the donkey, too, who like us, really needs friendship. Get this friendly donkey ringtone for you iPhone.