Common Loon Call and Yodel iPhone Ringtone

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The haunting call of the Loon is ubiquitous on lakes in the woods of the Northern US and Canada. The long, haunting song almost sounds like a wolf howl. They also have a distinct call that is called a “laugh” that sounds a little bit like a person laughing. All of their vocalizations are unique and beautiful, and help define the spirit of the northern wilderness.


Common Loons need wild places. Their heavy, torpedo-like bodies are built for swimming fast after fish in lakes and ponds. In fact, Common Loons are so well-made for swimming that they cannot walk on land. Their legs are so far back on their bodies, and their bodies are so heavy, that they cannot stand upright.


These birds’ lives are completely linked to water and they go ashore only to raise their young. Mercury poisoning is a current threat to loons, as is lead poisoning from fishing sinkers. If you fish, think about using sinkers and jigs made from tin, steel or a tungsten-nickel alloy rather than lead. You’ll be helping loons, eagles and lots of other animals! This beautiful loon call ringtone is a wonderful reminder of the deep woods.