American Woodcock Bird Call iPhone Ringtone

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Also known as a "Timberdoodle", this superbly camouflaged snipe-like bird has a football-shaped body, small head, and a very long beak. Unlike other shorebirds, Woodcocks feed in young forests where their camouflage coloring makes them difficult to see hidden in the leaf litter. They take slow steps, using their long, flexible beaks to probe the soil for their favorite food, earthworms. Their eyes are positioned on the sides of their head, but very far back and up high, making it possible for them to feed with their heads down while keeping watch for predators above. Woodcocks are known for their special buzzy "peent" sound, which the males make when they are doing aerial displays for females.  For such bulky, quiet, and unassuming birds, their mating displays at dusk and dawn are something special to see, and the easiest way to see them.