The Tragedy of Taiji

Today I got a Facebook request to sign a petition to stop the Japanese dolphin slaughter. I signed it and put a post on my Facebook page explaining a little about the situation and asking others to sign the petition. So now what? Will this slaughter ever really end? My understanding is that in the […]

Angel in New Jersey

You may not be happy about your neighbor feeding cats that roam through your yard and attack the resident bird population. Often this starts out as just someone feeling sorry for a kitten they see that needs a meal. The next thing you know, there is a colony of a dozen or more cats hanging […]

More Hope for New Species – New Songbird Species Found in Laos

As the old axiom goes “You learn something new every day.” Well, in parts of Asia, there may be the new axiom, “You discover something new every day.” Just a few days ago, researchers Woxvold and Duckworth discovered this unusual new songbird – the Bare-faced Bulbul – in a specific area of Laos. What’s particularly […]

Will the Bird Friendly Shade Grown Coffee Please Stand Up?

My husband and I are coffee drinkers. In fact, recently I made the mistake of taking him along to help get a replacement when our old cappuccino machine died. We wound up with a machine so complicated I needed an advanced degree to make it work. But I digress. The reason for my writing about […]

Lessons From A Birding Trip to a Barrier Island

I had the pleasure of visiting Little St. Simon’s Island again this year. A barrier island off the Georgia coast, even with a small lodge, it remains a wild place and offers great birding. Right now it is a wonderful place to hone shorebird identification skills. I find shorebirds daunting to identify and so I […]

It’s cold outside…do your birds have water?

Many parts of the country are experiencing seriously cold weather now. For wild birds that means a hardship trying to find water that they can drink as most of it is frozen over. In cold weather, wild birds can get dehydrated and that’s why you sometimes see birds in the street gutters trying to drink […]