Another Grey Bust

Another 1000 African Gray parrots were discovered earlier this month in crates about to leave the airport in Cameroon for transport to Bahrain and the Middle East. This is the second illegal shipment of these parrots intercepted in two months in Cameroon. The total number of birds discovered numbers over 1500 between the shipments – […]

Finch Fights

Apparently there are no animals too small be bet upon in forced fighting rings. The latest bust, this one in Massachusetts, of illegal immigrants who keep finches in intolerable conditions, get them worked up , sharpen their beaks and then get them fighting, is a sad testimony to what goes on. Who would have thought […]

The Tragedy of Taiji

Today I got a Facebook request to sign a petition to stop the Japanese dolphin slaughter. I signed it and put a post on my Facebook page explaining a little about the situation and asking others to sign the petition. So now what? Will this slaughter ever really end? My understanding is that in the […]

That Horse-drawn Carriage Ride in the Park — Isn’t it Romantic?

Well, in a word…No. It really isn’t. I live in New York City and regularly see tourists loading into carriages along Central Park for a ride, horses trotting through theater traffic on Broadway’s Times Square. Most tourists never think about these horses working long hours in extreme temperatures, often having collisions with faster, motorized vehicles; […]