BirdCams Now

It’s a great time to be watching birds nest and go about their business. Check out some of these birdcams from the US, Panama, Bermuda, South Africa and New Zealand. There are plenty of birds around the world to keep you busy! Bermuda Petrel – Nonsuch Island, Bermuda – The cahow pair has their one […]

What We’re Reading: What An Owl Knows

  Get closer to owls with Jennifer Ackerman’s insightful and beautifully written New York Times Best-selling book “What An Owl Knows.” Owls appear to us to be elusive and enigmatic. But isn’t that because we really don’t understand them? Ackerman’s thorough research and compelling writing style draw the reader into the stories of many different […]

How Do Owls Fly Silently?

  Most owls hunt during the quiet and cover of night, and their specialized senses and bodies make it possible for them to locate prey in darkness. They also have the ability to fly silently making it possible to ambush their prey by flying very close to their target to determine exactly where it is, completely […]

Snowy Owls – All-Teched Out

Owls, in general, are mysterious and beautiful birds, but no one owl species attracts quite as much fascination as Snowy Owls. Known for the male’s stunning pure white plumage, these gorgeous owls are normally found in the far north where they nest on the ground on treeless tundra. Despite their occasional appearance in the lower 48 […]