What We’re Reading: What An Owl Knows

  Get closer to owls with Jennifer Ackerman’s insightful and beautifully written New York Times Best-selling book “What An Owl Knows.” Owls appear to us to be elusive and enigmatic. But isn’t that because we really don’t understand them? Ackerman’s thorough research and compelling writing style draw the reader into the stories of many different […]

What We’re Reading Now: The Bird Friendly City

Our cities and backyards need to be transformed to integrate nature and not be detrimental to it. Tim Beatley is a professor of architecture and an urban planner, who firmly believes that urban (and even suburban) areas, when designed correctly can restore habitat and have a positive effect on birds and nature in general. His […]

What We’re Watching and Reading Now

Don’t miss the chance to hear two acclaimed authors  – David Sibley and Jennifer Ackerman – speak about birds in a very personal way.  Both authors have new books and they explore, in complementary fashion, different aspects of birds and bird behavior that are absolutely fascinating. David Sibley is the well-known author and artist for the Sibley […]