What We’re Watching and Reading Now

Don’t miss the chance to hear two acclaimed authors  – David Sibley and Sibley_bookJennifer Ackerman – speak about birds in a very personal way.  Both authors have new books and they explore, in complementary fashion, different aspects of birds and bird behavior that are absolutely fascinating.
David Sibley is the well-known author and artist for the Sibley Field Guides, and he cites numerous gems of information about bird behavior and the amazing things that birds do from his new book What It’s 


Like To Be a Bird.  Science writer Jennifer Ackerman continues her exploration of the private lives of birds in her new publication The Bird Way – from which she discusses a number of fascinating attributes of birds and stories she learned while researching her book.  If you like birds and love learning more about how extraordinary their lives are, tune in for a replay of this popular webinar from Audubon. And do check out their books!