New Nestcams and Updates!

California Condor Chick – courtesy Ventana Wildlilfe Society
This has been a busy month — some birds we have been following have fledged, others are still in the nest about to burst out on their own.  NEW this month is a great view of a California Condor nest in Big Sur, which is home to an active and fluffy chick who quite possibly only a mother could love, a Guillemot burrow cam which has 2 beautiful eggs and a Puffin cam with one egg in Seal Island, Maine!

It’s still an active nesting season – check out all the links here:


Great Horned Owls – Montana; Check out the 3 gorgeous and fluffy owlets at the nest at the Owl Research Institute’s.


Ospreys – Savannah, Georgia – This pair has 2 chicks!


Great Gray Owls – Montana; Two fluffy chicks!


Northern Royal Albatross – New Zealand; This nest with a million dollar view has a chick who hatched in early February and is getting bigger! Learn more about these fascinating birds here.


Bermuda Petrels – Bermuda; Hatched February 28, watch this active and beautiful little down-covered chick from the Bermuda Petrel pair


Bald Eagles– Decorah, Iowa’s Bald Eagles now have three active eaglets!


Peregrine Falcons– Minnesota; a cliff-hanger nest box now houses Newman and Nova’s 2 fluffball chicks in Spirit Bluff.


Barred Owls – All of the owlets fledged!