Lots of New NestCams!

Bermuda Petrel Nestcam screenshot courtesy Cornell and Nonesuch Expeditions


At this time of year, nests start getting active! In North, America raptors are setting up housekeeping, and the Petrels in Bermuda are doing the same. There are also terrific general wetland viewing cams this year and the Panama Fruit Feeder – not to be missed! We have ten sites we are following now, so bookmark the links so you can watch them – some are just getting started and will be very active after the holidays. You won’t want to miss them!
    • NEW! Bermuda Petrels, Nonsuch Expeditions – the pair is back again this year and preparing the nest in their underground burrow! Great watching at night as well when they are especially active.


    • NEW! Northern Royal Albatross  – Quarry Track is the new nest location for the 2021-22 Royal Albatross cam season. Some old friends will be on cam, as male OGK and female YRK return for another breeding attempt at the Taiaroa Head Nature Reserve on New Zealand’s South Island. This pair successfully raised star chick Atawhai to fledging in the 2019-2020 season. The pair is currently caring for a fertile egg, laid on November 9.


    • NEW! Bald Eagles, Decorah Iowa – Welcome to the new season with the Decorah North Eagles, DNF and Mr North at the Raptor Research Project! They are doing a little nest fixing up. Stay tuned!


    • NEW! Bald Eagles, Catalina Island, CA – Watch as this lifelong pair of eagle parents lay and protect eggs, feed their chicks and teach them to hunt and fly. This eagle pair is a success story, part of a bald eagle restoration program started by the Institute for Wildlife Studies in 1980. Their nest has been active since 1991, streaming since 2005.





    • Mississippi Flyway Get your fill of avian migration on the Mississippi at this great cam that has a whole lot of different birds visiting in Wisconsin – from the Raptor Resource Project


    • Panama Fruit Feeders at Panama Canopy Lodge will take you into the jungle to see neotropical birds feeding up close


    • California Condor Sanctuary – Check out the condors that come to feed and hang out here at this condor-safe lead-free feeding area in Ventana, CA.



    • Update: Peregrines in Orange, NSW, Australia – The sole chick this year is a male named Yurruga (meaning ‘sunny’ in the indigenous language Wiradjuri). He hatched on 8th October and fledged on 22nd November when he was 45 days old.