Lots of Nestcams!

Fluffy Bermuda Petrel chick, courtesy Cornell Lab
It’s the season for nestcams!  What can you see now? Travel the globe to see eagles, owls, hummingbirds, peregrines!  Plus get updates on albatross and petrel nests (including this Bermuda Petrel pictured here) we have been following.
All just waiting for you to click their cam link!


Northern Royal Albatross – Follow this same pair of Albatross in New Zealand, highlighted in our last newsletter.  Their chick hatched in early February and is now quite large, fluffy white and doing very well! It takes a human team to aid the parents to get the Albatross chicks from this vulnerable and slow reproducing species to maturity. Because the location the birds have chosen gets to over 120F, sometimes the birds die from heat exhaustion.  Now on extremely hot days, there is a sprinkler system that sprays the nest to keep it cool. Chicks can take up to 6 days to hatch, and are extremely vulnerable to fly strikes which would kill the new chick. Scientists are putting the scent of peppermint around the nests to mask the smell of the hatch, and keep flies from laying live eggs or maggots in the egg.  But sometimes, the chick is removed and put into an incubator until it is completely hatched. Then returned to the nest, replacing the dummy egg. Learn more about these fascinating birds here.


Bermuda Petrels – Talk about adorable!  This is one cute fluffy cahow chick on Nonsuch Island in Bermuda. Hatched February 28, this is an active and beautiful little chick from the Bermuda Petrel pair whose reunion we showed when they were just setting up the nest. If you are lucky you might just see one of the parents return to feed him!
Barred Owls – The deep woods bird who asks “who cooks for you?”, has new eggs in this long-used nestbox in Indiana.  It’s a great time to start watching this nestbox!

Allen’s Hummingbird – Check out this beautiful little hummer who has a couple of eggs in her nest in California.  Always a favorite!

Bald Eagles– These huge raptors form a lifelong partnership as a nesting pair.  And in California, you can watch this pair who have been raising chicks together since 1991!


Peregrine Falcons– Overlooking the Mississippi River in Minnesota is a falcon nesting platform that is definitely in use! Great view to watch them set up housekeeping.


Bald Eagles – Decorah, Iowa’s Bald Eagles are back on the nest again this year, and with three eggs!


Great Horned Owls – These huge owls in Montana at the Owl Research Institute have eggs that are about to hatch!