IN THE NEWS: Wisdom the Albatross Lays Another Egg!


Wisdom and her mate/Photo Credit: USFWS

Wisdom, a Laysan Albatross, banded as an adult over 60 yearsago in 1956, is known to be at least 68 years old, making her the oldest known living bird. But what is even more remarkable is that Wisdom is still successfully laying eggs and hatching chicks – and at a rate that is higher than most of her mates! This year, Wisdom has arrived again at Midway Atoll where she has laid another egg, and there is great hope that she will once again become a successful mother as Laysan Albatross are a Red-listed Near-threatened species.*  To find out more about Wisdom and albatrosses in general, check out this story on NPR.  And for more information on this remarkable bird, check out this article in Smithsonian.

*according to the IUCN database compiled by Birdlife International