Nestcam Update

Guillemot Chicks screenshot – courtesy Audubon/Explore
By now, most raptor chicks have fledged.  But now there are some other nests and burrows that are very active:


In a manner befitting a Guillemot, both eggs hatched in the Guillemot burrow  on International  Guillemot Appreciation Day!  Do not miss watching these two adorable, black, amazingly active and fluffy little chicks!


The California Condor nest in Big Sur, has a very fluffy condor chick who is still in the nest.


The Puffins in Seal Island, Maine have a chick – Stella!


Northern Royal Albatross nest in New Zealand has a growing

 chick who hatched in early February and is getting bigger!
Great Horned Owlets, Savannah Ospreys,  Bermuda Petrel, Hummingbirds, Ospreys, Peregrines, Bald Eagles have fledged!


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