Sitting Quietly….Seeing More

FAMILY FUN: Sitting Quietly…Seeing More
Want to see more birds and tune into nature? This summer, why not see the natural areas you usually visit a little differently?  Go to a favorite field, forest, marsh, or beach.  Rather than do what you might normally do there…this time piping_plover , take some time to sit quietly and listen.  Tune out the day to day stuff and fairly quickly,  you will start to hear and see a new kind of activity — the local kind you can be part of only if you are a silent observer.
If you are still enough, your presence will eventually go unnoticed by the birds and animals nearby and they may get very close to you — like this Piping plover who came so close he was within reach.  It’s moments like this that touch the soul and inspire the mind.  And when a wild bird or animal gets very close, it’s a pretty remarkable thing — something you and your kids will remember for a very long time.