Best Friends

One of the few things remaining that some people are convinced make humans different than other animals is the ability to have preferences or feelings. But, this is becoming more and more difficult to defend as there are numerous first-hand stories that refute this claim. This video from CBS News about an elephant in an elephant sanctuary and her best friend is not only delightful and heartwarming, it defies a variety of beliefs that have been previously held which make humans special. At The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, not only does Carol Buckley rescue elephants who have been abused or need a home after their retirement, she also provides a most generous and thoughtful place for them to live out their lives…including the ability to have options with whom to live. Stories like this one make it easy and even a little bit satisfying to know that there are creatures who openly express a grace and compassion for others that we are capable of expressing as well. Sometimes we just need a good example.

Photo credit CBS