Backyard Migration

The storms this week that brought rain and cooler weather also brought a lot of migratory birds into our city garden. Today was a busy day in the early afternoon for about an hour when one bird after another came to grab some food and a drink from our fountain. At one point the fountain had an avian traffic jam with a Robin, several Catbirds, a Hermit Thrush and three Cardinals (I believe our Cardinal family from this year), all trying to get their space at the watering hole. At one point we saw a Towhee, and that is when I got out the camera. When I saw the sparrow as I wasn’t sure if it was a Chipping sparrow or White-throated. The Towhee came and went, but the Catbirds, Sparrows and Hermit Thrush all stayed close by the window for their close-ups.

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