A Grrrreat way to Remember Michael Jackson

Many years ago I made a film at the the Shambala Preserve run by actress Tippi Hedren. This is a great place that takes in unwanted big cats – really big ones – like lions, tigers and leopards. She and the terrific staff provide an exceptional environment in which big cats – many of whom have been abused – can live out their lives in peace. Several years ago I returned to visit and met Thriller and Sabu – two tigers she received from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch at the time when he was having financial troubles. These two gorgeous tigers have been at Shambala since 2006 and are living out thier lives there. With all the press about Michael Jackson’s passing many wonder what they can do to honor him, and it might be a fitting memorial for his fans to donate to Shambala’s Roar Foundation to help with the care of these two tigers he loved.


Photo by Bill Dow