So Many Nestcams!

Nesting season is in full swing! There are so many nestcams, it’s hard to choose.

Bald Eagles DNR and Mr. North, a fluffy Northern Royal Albatross chick,
our favorite California Condors, Bermuda Petrels, The Savannah Ospreys, roosting Long-eared Owls …and much more!
  • Decorah Eagles – Pictured above -DNR and Mr. North have 2 eggs! First was laid 2/16, the second 2/19. Half way through to hatching – stay tuned!
  • California Condors – Redwood Queen and her new mate Phoenix are incubating an egg laid March 4!
  • Northern Royal Albatross – Now this is a big fluffy chick! And old enough to be on his own while his parents spend days at a time flying hundreds of miles to find food for him.
  • Long-eared Owl – Winter RoostCam – No nesting going on here – just communal winter roosting – so there are plenty of opportunities to see more than one Long-eared Owl hanging out in this tree.
  • Savannah Ospreys – Despite a lot of human activity around this nest, they are back and the first egg arrived March 5!
  • Peregrine falcon – Newman has returned from migration…but as of yet no sign of his mate Nova. Extraordinary view, though!
Bald Eagle image courtesy of Raptor Resource Project and