Wow – look who’s hatched!   There are lots of chicks to see now – don’t miss the new addition peeking out from under mom in this Bald Eagle nest!    

Decorah Bald Eagle Cam,


  • Thirty-three floors over Baltimore Peregrine Falcons have four eggs.  Hatching watch starts after April 20th!
  • Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa —  all three chicks have hatched!
  • The Cahow (Bermuda Petrels) in Bermuda – this rapidly growing chick is still fluffy but weighs almost as much as an adult


  • Several Laysan Albatross families and chicks starting to get real feathers at this nestcam in Hawaii.   
  • The Lance-tailed Manakins in Panama are still performing during the day.  If they aren’t displaying when you visit, keep checking back.
  • The Hellgate Ospreys in Montana are back!  Iris returned on April 6 and was reunited with her mate Louis.  Stay tuned….