More Nestcams!

There are so many active nests to choose from!
We just started following this family of Barred Owls: Two eggs were laid in early March!
Check out the rest of these nestcams – Eagles, Petrels, Red-tailed Hawks, Ospreys, Albatross and more!:
  • Decorah Eagles – DNR and Mr. North have 2 adorable chicks! Bith hatched later March – don’t miss these two!
  • California Condors – Redwood Queen and her new mate Phoenix are still incubating an egg laid on March 4! The expected hatch date is April 24.
  • Channel Island Bald Eagles – Jak and Audacity had 3 eggs, but sadly, 2 have broken. The third has hatched and there is an adorable eaglet in this high and windy nest!
  • Northern Royal Albatross – Now the chick is on his own while his parents spend days at a time flying hundreds of miles to find food for him, just stopping for maybe 10 minutes a couple of times a week to feed him. To find out more about what will happen in March and April with this chick, click here.
  • Peregrine Falcon – Barb has laid 4 eggs and is sharing incubation duties with her mate Boh2
Osprey image courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology