More and More Nestcams !

Great Horned Owl and Owlets
Great Horned Owl and owlets – courtesy Owl Research Institute
Bird around the globe from home with nestcams! In North America, you can see nests we have been following and some new ones with owls, eagles, peregrines and ospreys. Visit New Zealandwhere you can continue to follow the now very large Northern Royal Albatross chick.  Then zip over to Bermuda, to see watch the adorable Bermuda Petrel chick in his burrow.
Philippine Hawk-eagle Nestcam
Photo Credit: Jelaine Gan

And now there is live streaming from the Philippines – a brand new nestcam of a bird with a wild population of about 500 making the species one of the rarest birds on earth – a pair of Philippine Hawk-eagles tend to their chick, appropriately named “Fluffy”.

Don’t miss a minute of the action – check out all the links here:


Great Horned Owls – Montana; Check out the 3 gorgeous and fluffy owlets at the nest at the Owl Research Institute.


Ospreys – Savannah, Georgia – This pair has three beautifully patterned eggs!


Great Gray Owls – Montana; The owls are back again this year and have started laying eggs!


Northern Royal Albatross – New Zealand; This nest with a million dollar view has a chick who hatched in early February and is now quite large, fluffy white and is doing very well! Learn more about these fascinating birds here.


Bermuda Petrels – Bermuda; Hatched February 28, this is an active and beautiful little down-covered chick from the Bermuda Petrel pair


Bald Eagles– Decorah, Iowa’s Bald Eagles are back on the nest and with three tiny chicks!


Barred Owls – The deep woods bird who asks “who cooks for you?”, is sitting on eggs in this long-used nestbox in Indiana.


Peregrine Falcons– Minnesota; a cliff-hanger nest box now houses Newman and Nova’s 4 eggs in Spirit Bluff.

Bald Eagles– California; sad news– this pair of eagles in Catalina has laid 2 sets of 2 eggs each – and all have been taken by ravens.  There may be a third clutch in mid to late April.

Allen’s Hummingbird  – Tess, the chick…has fledged!