Migration Maps in Real Time

BirdCast Live Migration Map/ Cornell Lab of Ornithology
We can’t tear ourselves away from these amazing real time migration radar maps from Cornell’s BirdCast showing where birds are migrating at night, the intensities of the migration and what direction.  If you want to track where most of the nocturnal migration is taking place, or want to have a reasonable chance of knowing in the morning if birds will be setting down in your area, this is your kind of site. As you click through in 10 minute increments, you can try to estimate if your area could be a migratory hotspot tomorrow or if you can sleep in and not miss very much action. The maps are compelling and chock full of information. You can see what time birds take off after sunset, what direction they are flying, and see the intensity of the migration. Want to get the most out of these tools?  Check out this explanatory article from Cornell.


With tools like this, your success at birding during spring migration can migrate to a whole new level.