Good News Stories About Birds in 2018


Black-tailed Godwit/Photo Credit: BirdLife Sweden

For our year end issue we wanted to highlight some bird conservation success stories.  Sometimes the challenges to birds and conservation can loom large. It’s not always good news. But there are numerous successes and new positive findings about birds which give us hope that the work we do on behalf of birds has an impact! For example, did you know that 25 species have been brought back from becoming critically endangered since 2000 because of conservation measures put into place, and in some instances due to public campaigns? Or that plans to create a soda ash plant which would destroy a lake critical for flamingos breeding was scrapped and replaced with a plan for eco-tourism?  Birds like flamingos, terns and macaws have all had some good news come their way this year and these successes show how if we get involved, each of us can make a difference! Here are 12 success stories from countries around the world from our friends at Birdlife International.