Chicks and Nestcams!

Seriously cute chicks are here and eaglets are growing up! Don’t miss staying in touch with these families and watching them grow!
  • Barred Owls: Two really fluffy chicks to go gaga over!
  • Decorah Eagles – DNR and Mr. North have 2 chicks who are growing up really fast!
  • Bermuda Petrels – What is there about this super fluffy chick that is so adorable?
  • Northern Royal Albatross –┬áThe chick is on his own while his parents spend days at a time flying hundreds of miles to find food for him, just stopping for maybe 10 minutes a┬ácouple of times a week to feed him. To find out more about what will happen in March and April with this chick, click here.
  • California Condors – Sadly, Redwood Queen and her new mate Phoenix’s egg is not viable this year – not an uncommon issue with a new pair.
Barred Owl Chicks image courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology