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Canopy Feeder Cam, Panama screenshot courtesy


In North America, the nesting season may be mostly over, but there are still birds to be seen! There are Lesser Flamingos breeding in South Africa, and some fun opportunities to see birds during migration and at our favorite Panama feeder. Enjoy!
  • Mississippi River Flyway Cam – Brice Prairie, WI – Watch as thousands of birds rest up before and during migration at this hotspot
  • West Texas Hummingbird Feeder Cam – Texas – Hummingbirds abound during migration at these feeders.
  • Lesser Flamingos – Kampfers Dam, South Africa – Check out the Lesser Flamingos on their breeding ground at this globally important biodiversity area.
  • Panama Fruit Feeder – Panama Canopy Lodge – Get your fill of tropical birds at this terrific feeder!
  • California Condors – Tom’s Canyon – One very fluffy chick was born to a first year mom and her mate – both from Huttons Bowl.
  • Northern Royal Albatross – New Zealand – the chick has fledged but is still in the area