BirdCams Now

Peregrine Falcon Eyases; Photo courtesy Chesapeake Conservancy
Some of the chicks we have been following have fledged, some are just learning to fly now. Take a look at your favorites and watch some of the bigger birds as they grow up to near adult size and start flying.
  • Two Harbors Bald Eagles – Catalina Island, CA – Longtime couple Chase and Cholyn have been breeding here since 2003. Their chick Anthony is now learning to fly!
  • Long-eared Owl Winter Roost – Missoula, MT – Watch Long-eared Owls throughout the year. In winter they roost here, but in breeding season it’s also busy. Keep your eyes on this cam for some activity.
  • Mississippi River Flyway Cam – Brice Prairie, WI – Watch as thousands of birds rest up before and during migration at this hotspot. Right now lots of waterfowl and some White pelicans!
  • Lesser Flamingos – Kampfers Dam, South Africa – Check out the Lesser Flamingos on their breeding ground and lots of other waders and birds at this globally important biodiversity area.
  • Peregrine Falcons – Baltimore, MD – Boh and Barb are long-time nesters on the 33rd floor of the Transamerica Building. The kids fledged!