A Story About Native Grasslands and Nesting Birds

Enlarge your understanding of birds with BirdNote’s new series – Threatened. Enjoy longer, in-depth stories about birds and explore what happens when humans dramatically alter the landscape — and why some birds can hack it in the new norm, while others struggle. In this episode, we’re traveling to Idaho, where native grasslands were once a diverse garden of plant and animal life. We will visit a Long-billed Curlew nest, learn about sparrows and their relationship to native grasslands, hear from a research biologist at the Intermountain Bird Observatory, a biologist for the Nez Perce Tribe, and a local landowner who is answering the call to help grassland birds. Grassland birds have been among the hardest hit birds in the past 50 years. Learn why and what is being done to help these birds.
Artwork by Clint McMillen at Braincloud Design