Birding Resolutions for 2018

Birding Resolutions for 2018
It’s a new year and a great time for some birding resolutions.  
Cuban Tody Photo Credit:  Deborah Rivel
Need some help? We asked some friends to share their birding resolutions for 2018. They run from the simple to the challenging, so take a look and get your own inspiration!   
Here are the top 10:  


  1. Go birding more often!
  2. Take a friend who is new to birding with me
  3. Learn how to identify birds by their calls
  4. Take a birding trip beyond my backyard and local patch
  5. Learn the birds at the place I am about to visit BEFORE I go!
  6. Learn how to identify shorebirds
  7. Learn how to identify birds in flight
  8. Plant more native plants for birds
  9. Volunteer for a habitat restoration project
  10. Be more active on behalf of birds


Did we miss one of yours? Let us know what birding resolutions you are making this year!