The Year of the Bird in July – Take A Kid Into Nature

young_birder_Meghan Kearney_USFWS.jpg
Photo Credit:Meghan Kearney, USFWS

This month in the Year of the Bird, we encourage you to get your kids or kids you know out into nature.  If you love birds, teaching a child how to bird can create both an understanding of and interest in nature which can translate into a lifelong passion for him or her. We all know how hard it is to pry kids away from their mobile devices. But, a trek into nature can open a real world of wonder and exploration. Don’t know exactly how to do this? We’ve got you covered! Check out a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make it fun — this is a treasure hunt and we are all going to see what we can find!  And there will be birds and lots of other things to see!
  • Provide some background on what you are about to see – are they migrating or nesting birds?  Where are they found and why are they there?
  • Which bird is that?  Be a bird detective National Geographic has some great ideas about how to make birding fun and a learning experience kids will want to do again and again.
  • Have the right gear to get the job done – this is up to you how deeply you want to go into this, but binoculars, the right footwear and clothing, sunscreen are essentials
  • Take along a camera – everyone loves sharing what they have seen, and this will be something they will want to record. Maybe do a journal as well.
  • Starting a bird list is a great idea for the child who is a little competitive or likes goals.  Then each time you go birdwatching you can go to a different habitat and add more birds to the list.
  • What it takes to be a good birder are life lessons – qualities like patience, stillness and respect for the birds!  Just leave them be and once they don’t mind you being there, they will surprise you.
Click here for the complete article by National Geographic, and have a great time this summer taking someone out birdwatching!