The Climate and Bird Friendly Garden Makeover

Our gardens and backyards have more impact than we realize.
Monarch Butterflies on Native Plants
Photo Credit: Deborah Rivel

We expect them to provide beauty for us, and native plant gardens offer mini-habitats for birds, bees and other wildlife.  Well planned gardens and backyards can make a difference in the populations of butterflies, nesting and migrating birds, and local wildlife – providing food, shelter and a safe place to rest on a long journey or raise a family. Because the effects of our gardens go well beyond our own patch, it makes sense to take a look at how we can make them an even better benefit for ourselves and wildlife.

Take a step back and look at ways you can reduce your garden’s carbon and chemical footprint by conserving water, fuel and creating a more toxic-free bird friendly habitat. It’s surprisingly easy to do and Audubon has some great ideas on thinking differently about the outdoor spaces we manage.  Make your backyard or garden an even more attractive and safer spot for birds and wildlife, and BTW….easier and cheaper to manage, so you can spend more time enjoying it!