Who’s That Singing at Night?

  Are your silent nights filled with birdsong? For some, it’s a beautiful way to fall asleep. For others, it’s nerve-wracking. If you are in the latter category, it might help to know that the singer likely shares your frustration. Many birds that sing all night during the breeding season are Mockingbirds who are either young birds who […]

Wildtones Nature Sounds in Biomuseo

If you want to see amazing birds, Panama is a great place to find them! The Darien region along the Colombian border is also possibly the wildest spot in Panama. And with that remoteness comes a lot of biodiversity. The Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo in Panama City currently has a temporary exhibit of biodiversity in the Darien […]

BOOK REVIEW: Birdsong For The Curious Naturalist: Your Guide to Listening, by Donald Kroodsma

Released just as spring migration is starting, this timely book bringsunderstanding and learning birdsong to a new level. Don Kroodsma is a world-renown authority on birdsong. And apart from understanding it he knows the positive effect of an immersive nature experience. Birdsong For the Curious Naturalist opens with the line “birdsong fills our lives with beauty and […]