Migration Made Visible

Screenshot of Bird Migration explorer; courtesy National Audubon Society


The mysteries of bird migration may never be completely unraveled. But with new technology, information about birds’ activities — where they nest, overwinter and make stops along the way — are becoming more clear. This is critical information for biologists for the conservation of species. But now it is possible for all of us to see an interactive map of migration pathways, abundance info, and an annual birds’ eye view of the individual migration paths of hundreds of actual birds.

Audubon’s Bird Migration Explorer gives a selection of 458 bird species to choose from. Select your bird and the info you want to see, press the play button, and presto – your American Woodcock, Swainson’s Hawk or Hermit Thrush‘s year unfolds before your eyes. You can also select from a series of bird type choices such as Raptors for example. If you choose one of these umbrella categories, you will see the pathways across the Americas of all tracked birds in that category. And there is much more info including conservation challenges each of these birds face. You can also see firsthand how birds such as Swainson’s Hawk can be particularly vulnerable as a high percentage of the population all migrates through the isthmus of Panama at the same time twice per year.

Increase your understanding of migration by using a tool that visually creates a map of where birds go. If migration weren’t already captivating enough, this tool makes it pretty irresistible!