Making Your Own Owl Nest Cone

Making Your Own Owl Nest Box

It’s fall and owling will soon be part of winter outings! For now,

Photo Credit: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

though, it’s time to put up those owl nesting boxes or cones (yes, cones!), as owls will be interested in nesting soon and it’s a good idea to have the boxes out as winter approaches. Great Horned Owls are a species in decline in parts of North America, and If you live in an area where they are, you can help them by building a nest cone. ┬áThis is a fairly simple project to create and something you can do with the whole family. Cornell Lab of Ornithology has some easy-to-follow plans, but most of us will need an arborist to place the nest cone as these birds love nesting really high up in a tree.


You can also check out the plans for other owl nest boxes for owls in your area.  But get them up shortly as owls will be looking for the right nesting spot very soon!