Film: A Melodic Journey Through Northern Colombia

Film: A Melodic Journey Through Northern Colombia
Emerald Toucanet, Colombia
Photo Credit: Deborah Rivel
Colombia is one of a handful of countries with an extraordinarily large and diverse group of bird species.  In the film The Birders: A Melodic Journey Through Northern Colombia, you can spend an hour chasing some of these birds with biologist and bird guide Diego Calderon with footage shot by Nat Geo contributing photographer, Keith Ladzinski, while never leaving your living room.


If you have birded Colombia this film will be a satisfying reminder of the beauty and diversity of birds you may have seen.  If you have wanted to bird Colombia, or are curious about what kinds of birds are there, this is a good opportunity to see great shots of 100 of them in this film. You can even download a bird list from the film, so if you are planning a trip there you can get a head start identifying the birds you are going to see.  Grab some popcorn and spend an hour watching beautiful birds and seeing some of the diverse habitats that make this country such a rich area for birds and wildlife.