BirdCams in December

Long-eared Owls on Winter Roost; screenshot courtesy Owl Research Institute


Nesting season is underway Downunder, our Petrel pair have returned to their nesting burrow and Lesser Flamingos are breeding in South Africa. Plus there are other cams that let you check out migration and feeders in spots you can’t always get to. Enjoy!
  • Northern Royal Albatross – New Zealand – Nesting season is starting again this year with the Albatross pair and one egg!
  • Bermuda Petrel NestCam – Nonsuch Island – The Petrels have built a great little nest…no eggs yet! But keep checking for their regular returns from feeding!
  • Long-eared Owl Winter Roost – Missoula, MT – Watch Long-eared Owls throughout the year. In winter they roost here and in summer they nest. Nothing like a great view of these owls!
  • Mississippi River Flyway Cam – Brice Prairie, WI – Watch as thousands of birds rest up before and during migration at this hotspot
  • West Texas Hummingbird Feeder Cam – Texas – Hummingbirds abound during migration at these feeders.
  • Lesser Flamingos – Kampfers Dam, South Africa – Check out the Lesser Flamingos on their breeding ground and lots of other waders and birds at this globally important biodiversity area.
  • Panama Fruit Feeder – Panama Canopy Lodge – Get your fill of tropical birds at this terrific feeder!