Best Spots to Photograph Migrating Hawks

Peregrine Falcon
Photo Credit: Deborah Rivel









Most of the best hawk-watching sites in North America are fairly well knownCape May NJ, Hawk Ridge in Duluth, Hawk Mountain PA and River of Raptors in Veracruz, for example. But if you are a photographer wanting excellent shots of migrating hawks, you may be disappointed for the most part at some of these places, as many hawks kettling through can be at high altitudes. But there are ways to increase your chance of getting excellent raptor photos by visiting sites that are well situated for photography and have a mix of higher altitude gliding raptors like Broad-winged Hawks and fast flying lower altitude birds like Merlin. And there is something to be said for higher altitude locations which get you a lot closer to some of these birds as they make their way over the peaks. Get your photo gear and get ready to go, as from coast to coast, Audubon has suggestions for some of the best sites to capture top notch photos of migrating raptors.