Become a Better Birder With BirdCast

BirdCast Map Screenshot courtesy of BirdCast


Up your birding game this fall with BirdCast. Even during the peak of migration, the flow of birds each day is different. Temperature, storms, winds – there are many things that can affect the flow of birds on their migrations. Every wonder if tomorrow morning is going to be a huge opportunity to see migrating birds? Or maybe the day after is the day to schedule appointments later and get your fill of morning migration? Serious birdwatchers rely on BirdCast to help them determine the flow of migration. Using radar, BirdCast is able to determine the volume, direction, altitudes, and speeds of migrating birds and provides both nearly real-time migration stats and a 3-day forecast for migrating birds in North America.


This can be of enormous help when planning when and where to see birds as they end their overnight migrations in the morning, as it’s possible to get local forecasts and real-time counts. And it’s free! For info on how to get local forecasts, check here. Go directly to the BirdCast Dashboard to enter your local info to see what the migration forecast is in your area. Like all forecasts, it’s not always right. But, it’s right enough of the time that it is a very useful tool. And while it cannot determine which birds are flying and being read by the radar, it will give you a list of the most likely suspects based on Cornell’s ebird database at the time.