Do not delete this page or changes its URL slug, it is required for myRepono backupto work.

This is a placeholder page that is used to load the myRepono API file. This is required because direct access to the myRepono API file (/wp-content/plugins/myrepono-wordpress-backup-plugin/api/myrepono.php) is disabled and always returns a 403. I was unable to find the cause of the 403 and a way to turn it off, even after allowing the URL path in GoDaddy’s firewall setting and also disabling WordPress’ .htaccess file. I’m guessing it comes from GoDaddy and it’s security setting or firewall.

Solutions tried that didn’t work:

  • Allowing the myRepono URL path in GoDaddy’s firewall setting.
  • Disabling WordPress’ .htaccess file.
  • Pass-through redirect using Redirection plugin.

The following work around is being used to allow backups to work:

  1. This page was created with the /myrepono-api/ slug.
  2. A custom page template based on the slug was created.
    • /wp-content/themes/wildtones/page-myrepono-api.php
  3. The custom page template loads the myRepono API file and then exits.
  4. myRepono configuration was updated to use this page, instead of accessing it’s API file directly.


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