Carolina Chickadee Bird Call and Song

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All chickadees seem to share the same curiosity and enthusiasm, and Carolina Chickadees are no exception. These active little birds are also loyal to their mates, with many of them remaining in pairs for years. We can thank them for doing a superb job of insect control as they are eager gleaners of spiders and other insects. If you have a native plant garden or meadow, these birds will be regular visitors. They also will visit feeders and are especially fond of sunflower seeds and cracked corn.

In winter, you can find Carolina Chickadees in flocks. Within these flocks, the birds live under a ranking system with the highest ranking members able to nest within the flock’s range. Mated pairs look for a cavity or appropriate nest box where the female builds the nest and sleeps in the box or cavity during the season, while the male sleeps on a sheltered branch nearby. These are interesting little birds to watch. Their pretty little call is a good way to know that you are in the presence of a Carolina Chickadee.