Feeding Tips to Attract Birds To Your Backyard

Feeding Tips to Attract Birds to Your Backyard   If you want your backyard to attract as many birds as possible, you are going to need to provide a variety of  different food sources, fresh water and a safe spot to feed and live. It may sound like a tall order, but actually, it’s easier […]

Easy Ways To Make Your Backyard a Bird Hotspot

In winter birds need fresh open water and lots of calories. You can make your backyard a very popular spot in winter with the addition of a heated birdbath and food with high fat content. Nothing beats food with a lot of calories to keep a bird warm at night and there are plenty of […]

Winterizing Your Backyard For Birds

Cold weather is a reminder to make your backyard inviting for birds overwintering in your area.With some simple preparations you can have birds visiting throughout the winter and create a safe spot for them to eat, get water, and even bathe when its needed. In the summer there is plenty of natural food available for […]

The Big Cache

The Big Cache Winter is upon us, and many birds have been preparing for a diminished food supply for some time now. Throughout the summer and fall, many birds, like jays and woodpeckers, have spent time foraging and gathering seed and nuts to store for the winter – this is called “caching”. If you saw […]

Safer Glass + Fewer Lights = Safer Migration

Safer Glass + Fewer Lights = Safer Migration Migration is pretty challenging to begin with.  But there are some additional man-made risks that birds have to contend with and they are often deadly. courtesy Sara Sharf/FLAP Canada Colliding with glass poses a serious threat to birds.  It is estimated that nearly 300 million to 1 […]

Baby Birds of Summer

Baby Birds of Summer Many species of birds have finished breeding and are starting south again. But some chicks are just hatching or are very young now. If you are talking a walk in the woods, now is a good time to be looking for baby turkeys, known as polts.  Depending on where you are, wild […]

A Cozy Warm Bed

Do you ever wonder where birds sleep? On a cold winter night, when the wind is blowing the snow sideways across the light of your street lamps, the chickadees that visited your feeder in the morning are huddling close together. Hopefully they have found a decent cavity to roost in. If your neighborhood is like […]

Where’s the Water?

Right now the northern states are blanketed in snow, and stepping outside can be hazardous. Winter temperatures can dip below zero degrees Farenheit, and the wind chill pushes far below that. We can throw on layers or stay inside, but what do the birds do? How can we help birds brave the winter onslaught of […]

A Cardinal Moment

With the changing seasons our New York City backyard garden has different birds passing through, but among our constant companions are our cardinal family. This beautifully masked male cardinal is the epitome of grace and elegance. In the summer his gorgeous coloring is eclipsed by no other bird in our garden; in the fall, even […]

Tiny Bird With a Big Story

Hummingbirds have many challenges – they are tiny and yet need to be some of the toughest birds out there. They live in conditions where eeking out a living can be a challenge – especially when you have to feed at frequent intervals just to keep going. In the cloud forests of Peru, there is […]

When Once Just Isn’t Enough

Songbirds who migrate at night have long been thought to migrate north to breed then south again to molt and overwinter. That makes sense, right? But, the times they are a changing. Now researchers from the University of Washington have discovered that there are some birds who make a stop in Mexico on the way […]

OK in the UK

According to a recent survey from the RSPB published on the BBC website, some of the more rare species of birds in the UK are seeing increases in their populations while some of the more common birds are seeing declines. The increased numbers of rarer species (including the Osprey and Avocet that are seen in […]

Sounds of Nature

Nature configures itself in interesting ways that have meaning and speak to us where we are. So it was for Jarbas Agnelli, a Brazilian musician, who saw music in the pattern of birds on wires. Letting the visual pattern the birds made on the wires be the notes, the outcome of this one photo frame […]

Backyard Migration

The storms this week that brought rain and cooler weather also brought a lot of migratory birds into our city garden. Today was a busy day in the early afternoon for about an hour when one bird after another came to grab some food and a drink from our fountain. At one point the fountain […]

It’s cold outside…do your birds have water?

Many parts of the country are experiencing seriously cold weather now. For wild birds that means a hardship trying to find water that they can drink as most of it is frozen over. In cold weather, wild birds can get dehydrated and that’s why you sometimes see birds in the street gutters trying to drink […]