Easy Ways To Make Your Backyard a Bird Hotspot

In winter birds need fresh open water and lots of calories. You can make your backyard a very popular spot in winter with the addition of a heated birdbath and food with high fat content. Nothing beats food with a lot of calories to keep a bird warm at night and there are plenty of ways you can provide this to the birds at your place. Here are some ideas:


1 – Make a Pinecone Feeder: Take pinecones and string them together; slather peanut butter on them, then roll them in birdseed and hang like a garland on a tree or tall shrub out of the way of any neighbors cats.

2 – Provide Fresh Fruit for Variety: Cut up fresh fruit like oranges, grapes and apples and leave them outside on an elevated flat surface. Even in winter, birds will enjoy the treat as well as the much needed water in the fruit.

3 – Make Popcorn Strings: Got some extra plain popcorn left over from the movie the night before? Using a needle, string it and then lay the popcorn string on tall shrubs so the birds can easily get to it

4 – Make your own Suet: Suet is very high in calories and is in high demand when the temperature drops. This suet recipe uses suet blocks or animal fat, but if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you an easily substitute vegetable shortening.

Try these ideas and let us know if you have any favorite ways of making your backyard bird friendly in winter.

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