A Cardinal Moment

With the changing seasons our New York City backyard garden has different birds passing through, but among our constant companions are our cardinal family. This beautifully masked male cardinal is the epitome of grace and elegance. In the summer his gorgeous coloring is eclipsed by no other bird in our garden; in the fall, even with a color change he is still quite the beauty. This morning he has been frequenting the wisteria behind our home and he looks so great mixed in with the changing leaves. Known to us as Senor Cardinal for his haughty elegance, his female companion possesses none of the patience nor self-confidence he does. She flits from branch to branch in a constant state of chirping frenzy – even with their baby having fledged long ago and no longer needing constant care. Her agitated state has ratcheted down from when the baby was fledging, but she still is one of the most excitable birds in the garden – and very difficult to get a photo of as she is a moving target. So, here is an early December homage to Senor Cardinal – sporting his ever-so-slightly diminished fall coloring. In the snow he is a standout….can’t wait!