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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Prey for iPhone and iPod Touch
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Fascinated by birds of prey? Ever wonder what that fast-moving predatory silhouette is above you? Let the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Prey for iPhone and iPod Touch offered exclusively by Wildtones be your guide. This valuable and comprehensive resource features all 65 Birds of Prey with content taken directly from the current Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North American featuring the well-known Peterson drawings and identification system - including overhead views and silhouettes - range maps and text. Add to this a range of clear sounds for most birds along with audio and visual quizzes, and you can easily master identification of all the birds of prey in North America - all for only $2.99.

Right now, Wildtones and the Peregrine Fund have a special promotion. When you buy a Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Prey from the iTunes store, Wildtones will donate 5% of the proceeds to the Peregrine Fund. So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself a gift of raptors and help them at the same time. 

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Prey


this app is great! - ★★★★★

by TheLizKid - Version 0.12

I like that many of the species accounts not only have the beautiful Peterson art work, but also come with silhouettes. Raptors in flight are difficult to identify because you can't always see the field marks, but having the silhouette really helps. The species profiles come with the bird calls, which is extremely useful. The sound quality is outstanding. Most profiles come with range maps, and all have detailed descriptions. If you want an easy to use mobile field guide to birds of prey, THIS is the one to buy.  I started birding on the Peterson field guide system, and I'm really happy that Wildtones has developed it for iPod touch (and iPhone too, but own an iPod touch). They have done a great job with all 3 mobile field guides they have produced (I have the Backyard Birds as well as the Warbler guides). I recommend all 3.




 Buy the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Prey and Wildtones will donate 5% of the proceeds to the Peregrine Fund.  Click HERE Tto buy from the iTunes store 


Visit the Peregrine Fund here:

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